No. 3 Best Selling Turbo from Arashi Dynamics

No. 3 Best Selling Turbo from Arashi Dynamics

Ranking the 3rd best sellers of all time from Arashi Dynamics, here comes Arashi turbo for Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T 2009-2012 Factory TD04-13t turbo produces 210hp, Arashi Genesis turbo is capable of producing 350-500hp depending on the options you choose, engine parts reinforcements, and tuning.

Car Model  Hyundai Genesis 2.0 Theta 2008-2010
Engine Theta G4KC
Options TD05H-Big16G (Journal Bearing)
TD05H-Big16G (Ball Bearing)
TD05H-18G (Journal Bearing)
TD05H-18G (Ball Bearing)
TD05H-20G (Journal Bearing)
TD05H-20G (Ball Bearing)
TD05H-GT3071R (Journal Bearing)
TD05H-GT3071R (Ball Bearing)
TD06SL2-18G (Journal Bearing)
TD06SL2-18G (Ball Bearing)
TD06SL2-20G (Journal Bearing)
TD06SL2-20G (Ball Bearing)
TD06SL2-GT3071R (Journal Bearing)
TD06SL2-GT3071R (Ball Bearing)
TD06SL2-AR3 (Journal Bearing)
TD06SL2-AR3 (Ball Bearing)


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Journal Bearing

Ball Bearing