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Proper care and maintenance after modification is key to enjoying your turbo.

Generally, turbocharged cars are prone to high temperatures. Therefore, remember these tips.

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Nowadays turbochargers are becoming popular among vehicles due to the extra power it produces, it compresses more air into the cylinder to create bigger power for better performance and efficiency.

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Arashi Suzuki, who used to own a garage for several years before establishing Arashi Dynamics, was a leading engineer specializing in rebuilding turbochargers, and in-car modification.

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Want to grow your market?

Want to appeal to more customers with a greater variety of stocks?

Want to offer your customers more choices?

Then come join us as one of our valued distributors!

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Arashi stands by you, Storm dudes.

With the ongoing pandemic of coronavirus, make sure to take appropriate precautions.

Here are some protective measures:

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