About Arashi

Founded by Mr. Arashi Suzuki (鈴木嵐) in 2000,Arashi Dynamics has been a professional enterprise in designing and manufacturing superior vehicle turbochargers and applications in Japan. During these years, Arashi Dynamics has developed one of the most renowned online automotive and parts sales businesses.

With more than 10 year experience on turbocharger filed, Arashi Dynamics has become the premier provider of performance upgrade and offers turbochargers sales not only in the Japanese market but also to the worldwide. All Arashi turbochargers are manufactured based on customization to fit and replace the original turbochargers. Arashi Dynamics team are including designing, assembling and sales.

With these powerful and secure backing, Arashi Dynamics can be focused on strict quality control, competitive pricing, best availability, advanced new technology which makes its products known and accepted in many countries around the world.

All materials of Arashi products are sourced from Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. With outstanding technology, unceasing innovation, and specialized products, Arashi keeps growing our products range to offer your needs.

**For wholesale inquiries or interesting in being our distributor, please contact us at service@arashidynamics.com for further details.**

Email: service@arashidynamics.com

Address: NO.107-7, Zhong Shan Rd, Shalu Town, Taichung City, 433 Taiwan

History of Arashi

Arashi Suzuki, who used to own a garage for several years before establishing Arashi Dynamics, was a leading engineer specializing in rebuilding turbochargers, and in-car modification.

However, after a time of not being able to make any business breakthroughs, Mr. Suzuki met quite a few car enthusiasts wanting to find better tuning parts at a good value, because in most cases, they had to rely on imported parts at premium prices. In addition, there was a very limited selection of parts to choose from.

It suddenly occurred to Mr. Suzuki: why not just follow the trend of the car tuning market by manufacturing professional performance turbochargers himself?

With that in mind, Mr. Suzuki proposed this idea to his crew and quickly gained their recognition. Together, they constructed a business plan: the team did meticulous research from 1998 in order to build a high quality and professional corporate image, then focused on research and development of turbocharger customization and turbocharger production techniques, and finally established Arashi Dynamics in 2000.