MHI Mitsubishi Turbo Wheel Sizes

MHI Mitsubishi Turbo Wheel Sizes

A turbocharger is composed of compressor and turbine wheel coupled together by a shaft; alongside with turbine and compressor housing covering respective wheels. In this article we’ll be discussing mainly about Mitsubishi turbo wheel sizes.

Bigger wheels generate more exhaust gases, therefore creating higher power output during high RPM compared to smaller wheels. However, larger wheels takes more time to spin up in full capacity, therefore they spool slower than the smaller wheels, causing what we call turbo lag.

Smaller wheels are often used in smaller displacement engines or in applications where a quick spool time and good throttle response are desired; whereas larger wheels are suitable for larger displacement engines or in applications where maximum power output is targeted especially at higher RPM.

Although wheels of different sizes may seem similar, they’re not directly interchangeable on the turbo cartridge. Upgrading from one size to another also requires modification to the turbocharger, the engine, and the fueling system to accommodate various flow and response characteristics.

Choosing the suitable wheel sizes depend on the specific goals and requirements of your engine build, take into consideration of engine size, targeted power output, and response. Don’t forget the overall balance of the turbocharger system to ensure optimal performance.


Here are the MHI system wheels from big to small in size:

Turbine Wheel:
TD06H > TD06SL2 > TD05H > TD05 > TD04HL > TD04H > TD04L > TD04

Compressor Wheel:

25G > 60-1 > AR3 18K 20G > 18G > 16G > 20T > 19T > 18T >16T >15G > 15T > 13G > 13T > 12T