Oil Supply Pressure for Ball Bearing Turbos

Oil Supply Pressure for Ball Bearing Turbos

To ensure proper lubrication and cooling of the turbocharger components, oil pressure supply is recommended at the following for ball bearing turbos

Minimum Oil Supply Pressure at Low Idle = 0.70 Kg/cm2 or 9.96 psi.

Minimum Oil Supply Pressure at Peak Torque Speed = 2.17 Kg/cm2 or 30,87 psi.


Aside from proper lubrication and cooling, setting up proper oil supply is imperative because too much oil supply causes oil leakage from the turbo, in which people often mistaken it as a faulty turbo; and insufficient oil supply without proper lubrication eventually cause the turbo bearing to wear due to constant friction.

Minimum inside diameter of oil supply pipe is recommended at 4mm to allow proper oil flowing. An oil inlet restrictor is strongly recommended especially when maximum engine oil pressure exceeds 60 psi. Oil injection should be filtered by a Full Flow Filter of 20 Micron Maximum Rating to avoid foreign dusts.