Arashi KBT Series N54 Twin Turbo Launch

Arashi KBT Series N54 Twin Turbo Launch

Arashi proudly introduces our Upgrade Ball Bearing Twin Turbo for BMW N54! After countless hours of development, Arashi has finally launched this ball bearing twin turbo specially designed for the engine with great fitment and performance.

Arashi N54 twin ball bearing turbo features 15T, 16T, and 19T compressor wheel with TD04L or TD04HL turbine wheel. Selections are available to best suit your targets. Turbine wheel is made with high Inconel to enhance durability.

However, since N54 is a twin-turbocharged engine, one front turbo and one rear turbo. Kindly note that there are two different types of rear turbos – Rear and Rear2. The location you bought the car from decides whether your N54 comes with Rear or Rear2 turbo, their compressor housings and positions are different. Before purchasing N54 upgraded turbos from us please specify which rear turbo do you have from factory, consult with us if you do not know how to distinguish them.

Besides ball bearing, Arashi also offers journal bearing twin turbo upgrades for N54, you’re welcome to take a look and see which one best fit your needs.


Upgraded Twin Turbos for BMW N54:

KBT Ball Bearing N54 Twin Turbo

Journal Bearing N54 Twin Turbo


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